Exploring Bouquet API with Swagger UI

The easiest way to discover the Bouquet API is probably using the Swagger UI.

Bouquet API is swagger friendly and thus provides documentation on the methods and models to work with.

Exploring the API with swagger is pretty easy.

First, you need to get the Bouquet API endpoint URL. If you are running Bouquet from Docker, just check the landing page URL:

Now you can access Squid Solutions swagger UI at http://swagger.squidsolutions.com/

From there you will have to set your own API endpoint URL. So, if your base URL is just append /release/v4.2/swagger.json

example API endpoint URL:

The online demo can be used with this URL:



Copy it in the UI and click Explore (you won't need an API_KEY since swagger integrates with Bouquet OAuth)

Once the swagger definition document has been retrieved, you will be able to explore the API. Let's check the Projects section and try to get the projects list.

First, you must authenticate to be able to get actual results. Just click on the OFF button and follow the steps:

Swagger UI will ask you to authorize API access:

That should redirect you to the Bouquet login screen where you'll have to provide your username and password. Note that the API results will depend on your user privileges and roles.

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