Create your first Project

This page shows how to create your first Project on top of a datasource. A project is like a dictionnary containing all the metadata, describing your datasource and your data logic.


  • You have downloaded OB1
  • You have an existing datasource

Each Project that you create is tied to a connection to a datasource.

Once you connect to a datasource and create a Project, you will be able to explore and analyze your data.

Important: Verify that you can reach your database from the OpenBouquet server (for example that you're connecting from inside the firewall).

Creating your first Project

The first time you open OB1, you'll be asked to connect to a new datasource. A modal dialog appears on your screen.


Fill-in the following information into the modal dialog:

  • The database type, depending on the plugins are installed on the Bouquet Server,
  • The database address/hostname,
  • The database listening port,
  • The database name,
  • The database username,
  • The database password,

This article brings you more insight on the database drivers you can use with Bouquet Server.

After inputting the connection parameters, click the "Check connection" button. This action will verify that your connection to the datasource works fine.

You can then create your first Project. Enter its name and description. Don't forget to select the relevant database schemas before saving.


When you click "Save", OB1 activates its zero-commute feature and automatically takes the following actions:

  • Creates a domain for each table and view of your database schema,
  • Retrieves the dimensions and metrics available for each domain,
  • Populates the associated periods,
  • Detects foreign keys and generates the corresponding relations.

Your Project is now created and you will be able to perform your first data exploration.


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