Create a new Bookmark

This page shows you how to create a bookmark to save your analysis and access it at a later time.


While you are working on your analysis, you can save your current exploration with Bookmarks.

There are two steps to create and access a Bookmark:

  • Create a new Bookmark,
  • Access an existing Bookmark.

Create a new Bookmark

To create a bookmark, in the Navigator window, click the "Save Bookmark" button.

You will land on the Bookmark creation page where you must input basic information:

  • The bookmark name,
  • A short description,
  • The path to access the bookmark. It helps organising your bookmarks inside folders. Folders are dynamically created.If the first folder of the bookmark's path is "/SHARED/", your bookmark will be shared among all users from the same Bouquet account,
  • The dimensions that will be available in the "Pivots" dropdown menus. This will ease the later use of the bookmark,
  • The metrics that will be available in the "Metrics" dropdown menu.

Once you have filled the form in, click the "Save" button.

Your bookmark is created and you can then access your analysis at a later time.



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