Create and edit metrics

This page shows you how to create and edit a metrics.


  • You are logged-in to OB1
  • You have created an OB1 Project

With OB1, you have the availability to create, edit or delete a metric. A metric is an aggregated operation on the Domain.

In this guide, we will create a new metric that sum the COUNT the number of actors the "DVD Rental" demo project.

There are four three step to create a metric:

  1. Select a domain
  2. Create a new metric
  3. Edit a metric

Select a domain

Let’s begin by selecting the domain you want to add a metric to, in my case "Actor". On the top navigation bar, click the "Select domain" button and choose a domain.

Double-click on the "actor" Domain to open it in the OB1 Modeler interface.

Create a new metric

In the left panel click on the "+" button in front of the "Metrics" menu. A modal window appears. You have to give the metric a name and input the expression value.

In my case, to count the actor numbers, the expression formula looks as follow:


Once you have completed the required inputs, click the "Save" button. Then, you can apply your metric in the Navigator interface in the "Metrics" dropdown menu.

Edit a metric

At any time you can edit an existing metric. To modify a metric, open the Domain in the Modeler interface by double-clicking on it, and choose the Metric in the left panel.

Next, edit the metric name or the expression value.

Once editing done, click the "Save" button. Your change will be applied instantly.





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