Create dimension hierarchies

This page shows how to create hierarchies between dimensions.


  • You are logged-in to OB1
  • You have created an OB1 Project

OB1 lets you create and define hierarchies between dimensions. Defining a hierarchy is mainly useful to enhance filtering and obtain the best granularity. For instance, if you have a dimension "City" and another one "Country", you can create a hierarchy to set "Country" as a parent of "City". That will allow you to filter on a "Country" and adjust your search by filtering on "City".

This documentation shows you how to create a hierarchy and use it.

This guide is composed of two steps

  1. Select a domain
  2. Create the dimensions hierarchies
  3. Create a filter

Select a domain

Let’s begin by selecting the domain you want to create the dimensions hierarchies. On the left panel, select your Project. A list of domains will appear.

Double-click on a domain to open it in OB1 Modeler.

Create the dimensions hierarchies

You land on the OB1 Modeler where you can configure your domain. Choose the Dimension you want to create a hierarchy on

Check the "Use as a filter" checkbox for each one of them and select the parent on the child dimension. In my case, the parent dimension is "Country" and the children dimension is "City".

Once you have properly edited your dimensions, click the save button.

There are no limits on the number of hierarchies you can create.

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