Visualize your data

This page shows you how to visualise your data


OB1 offers different charting options to visualize and obtain a clearer understanding of your data.

At the moment you can use:

  • Grids: Ideal to build and explore your dataset
  • Line charts: Useful to visualize trends (multiple metrics) over a time period.

This documentation shows you how to use and setup the charting options.

This guide is composed of two steps

  1. Grid visualisation
  2. Line chart visualisation

Grid visualization

When you perform an analysis, by default result is displayed as grid. Grid are ideal to get a global view of the dataset and lets you sort each column with a click to explore your data.

Following an example of grid visualisation:


Line chart visualization

Line charts are really useful for time-series, visualize trends over time and  to visualize multiple metrics over the time.

To visualize your data as line chart, click the "Chart" button. Then, the chart will appear on your screen. 

At any time you can zoom in and out on your visualization using the bottom scroll bar.

Read our documentation to save your dataset and access it at a later time.

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