Manage domain relations

This page shows you how to create a domain relation using an association table. 


Bouquet allows you to customize relations between domains. It can be useful if you want to define a relation between two domains through an association table. That way your domain-1 dimensions are visible in the domain-2's and vice versa.

In this guide, we will create a new relation between the domain film and actor using the association domain film-actor.

Create a domain relation

Let’s begin by selecting the relation table in the domain list, in my case film-actor. Click the "Relation” icon to get started.

A domain allows to define a set of metrics and dimensions associated to a table, it can be considered as a database table.

The domain relations modal window appears. Click the "New Relation" button to create a relation.

I will define the relation with the following characteristics:

  • Left domain film and a cardinality  ZERO OR ONE
  • Right domain film_actor and cardinality MANY

Then, click the Join expression text-area, if the column id’s are the same in both tables then the expression will be pre-filled. Otherwise you will have to fill it in manually. Click the "Save" button once everything is complete

I will define the relation between film_actor and actor domains. Create a new relation and define a relation with the following characteristics:

  • Left domain film_actor and a cardinality MANY
  • Right domain actor and cardinality ZERO OR ONE

Click the "Save" button. You are now able to access actor dimensions in the film domain and retrieve film dimensions in the actor domain.

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