Install Oracle plugin for Bouquet

This page shows how to install the Oracle plugin within a Bouquet installation. Unlike other Bouquet plugins, Oracle's license doesn't allow us to provide you the Oracle database JDBC drivers.


In this documentation you will create the Oracle plugin for Bouquet without the need to compile it.

This guide is composed of four steps:

  1. Download the empty Oracle plugin for Bouquet
  2. Download the oracle JDBC drivers
  3. Build the complete Oracle plugin for Bouquet
  4. Install the Oracle plugin in Bouquet

Download the Oracle plugin

Please download the plugin here.

Download the oracle JDBC drivers

  1. Go to the Oracle JDBC drivers page and choose the driver version that fits to your needs,
  2. Check the "Accept License Agreement" checkbox,
  3. Download both ojdbc7.jar and xdb6.jar files.

Build the complete plugin

Now, you should have three .jar files in the same folder.

# Create the recipient folder
mkdir ora-jdbc
# Unzip the jar files:
unzip -o xdb6.jar -d ora-jdbc
unzip -o ojdbc7.jar -d ora-jdbc
unzip -o bouquet-plugin-oracle-*.jar -d ora-jdbc
# Create the final jar file:
cd ora-jdbc
zip -r ../bouquet-plugin-oracle-with-dependencies.jar *
cd ..


Install the plugin

You can now copy bouquet-plugin-oracle-with-dependencies.jar in the plugins/ directory of your Bouquet installation.

If you wish to try the Oracle driver on your Docker container, you need to share the directory containing the plugin as a Docker volume when you create the container:

docker run -p 8080:80 -v /path/to/plugin/directory:/opt/squid/bouquet/plugins -t squidsolutions/bouquet

For more information on Bouquet in a docker container, please see this doc.

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